Kanchi Kamakshi

Goddess Kamakshi epitomizes the vibrant and limitless glory of creation. She is a magnificent manifestation of Sattva – The very existence or Being. Mookacharya, in his work named Mooka Panchasati, beautifully describes the Goddess thus: धरणिमयीं तरणिमयीं पवनमयीं गगनदहनहोतृमयीम् |अम्बुमयीं इन्दुमयीं अम्बां अनुकम्पमादिमामीक्षे || The very being and essence of Kamakshi Devi is captured in this verse. Mooka Kavi experienced the compassion of the Goddess like no other. Right after Kamakshi devi bestowed her grace […]

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Kanchi Kamakshi Charitra

From – The Essence of Brahmandapurana – Compiled and translated by Sri VDN Rao It may be recalled that Agastya Maharshi visited Kanchinagara to worship Devi Kamakshi and Vishnu made his ‘darshan’in the Swarupa of Hayagriva to delineate Lalitopakhyana. Now, Hayagriva confirmed that Lalita Devi whom Sarasvati-Lakshmi-and Gauri worshipped had reappeared as Kamakshi:  Adyayaanutara saa […]

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Kanchi -The Kamakotipuri

Kanchi, popularly known as Kanchipuram, and styled as Kacchi in Tamil classical literature, is a city of celebrity according to Bharavi, the poet ‘Nagareshu Kanchi’. This city has been listed as one among the seven sacred cities of liberation (mokshapuris). Kanchi is the only mokshapuri in peninsular India, the other six-Ayodha(Uttar Pradesh), Mathura(Uttar Pradesh), Maya […]

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